I've always had a passion for math and when I discovered programming is a perfect way to teach logic and problem-solving. I provide personalized online math instruction and tutoring. I also create courses that combine the power of Python programming with math to supercharge learning.

Math Tutor

1999 - Present

Experienced Course Creator

2001- Present

Online Math Instructor

2012 - Present

My Background

A Passion for Math

Teaching an introductory Python class in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Using Math and Python, I generated this Menger Sponge Fractal in a Minecraft World!

My Books

In 2015, I took a bunch of the programming projects I'd worked on with a private student and put them together to create my first book, Hacking Math Class with Python.

After 2 years of writing and editing, I published my second book, Math Adventures with Python in early 2019 with No Starch Press.

In 2020 I wrote the Calculus chapters of The Statistics and Calculus with Python Workshop from Packt Publishing